Utility Systems

We offer the most innovative and productive approaches for the installation of both On-Site and Off-Site utilities. Valley Pipeline Inc. can effectively manage and install anything from large mainline distribution systems to lateral or service installations.

Our team has extensive knowledge in the installation of:

  • Domestic Water Distribution
  • Underground Fire Mains
  • Sanitary Sewer Systems
  • All forms of Storm Drainage
  • Hydronics Systems
  • Natural Gas piping
  • Dry Utilities

Trenching and Excavations

We offer the highest quality heavy equipment operators to complete the most difficult and extensive trenches/excavations. Safety and effective time management are our core principals. Weather it is the EM385 or OSHA guidelines our staff is trained in the safe executions of trenches/excavations regardless of soil classifications or depths. We strive to ensure all our team members go home safe EVERY NIGHT. Our management team is highly trained in the regulations/requirements of most governing agencies, and ensure all requirements are met at all times. This not only makes us more effective than our competitors but has won our management team highly recognizable awards.

Site Preparations

Our resources are endless. We offer a multitude of services to improve your project. Every aspect of what we do is professional, productive, and efficient; delivering a quality product at a competitive price.

Site preparations include:

  • Demo
  • Grading
  • SWPPS Measures
  • AQMD Control Methods
  • Construction Fencing
  • Concrete Flatwork
  • Paving
  • Asphalt-Sealing